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Our Services


When you make an appointment, a free consultation at the clinic will be conducted to discuss concerns and answer any questions. A quick speech and language screener will be conducted to determine if a full evaluation is necessary.


***Please fill out the                                               prior to your appointment to assist in the evaluation process. 


Once it is determined that a full evaluation is necessary, a complete speech-language evaluation will be conducted to determine needs. 

If a recent full speech-language evaluation has been conducted elsewhere, please bring a copy of that report with you. 

Planning Therapy

After the assessment is conducted and scored, a collaboration between the client's caregivers and the therapist will take place to determine the need for individual therapy and to discuss individualized goals. 

Therapy Services

One-on-one therapy sessions are provided in 30-minute or 60-minute increments, weekly or bi-weekly, dependent upon the specific needs of your child. Five to ten minutes at the end of each session is reserved for parent questions, guidance, and discussion of carry-over activities. 

Prices, Policies, and Procedures

Please                       for our explanation of prices, policies, and procedures.  

Note: Tiny Voice Therapy Services, LLC is a provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois  PPO

We do not work with any other insurance companies but we would gladly provide you with a superbill to seek reimbursement through your insurance provider. 

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